40 miles

Day 15

All the way to pie town

41 miles of road walking today. I hit the trail at 8 AM. It was below freezing last night and I was only able to will myself to get moving after the sun hit my tent.

Moments after packing my bag a hiker snuck up on me named Daryl. An accomplished adventurer from Squamish B.C. The list of his conquests was long and I enjoyed spending the morning talking and walking with him. The longest I've hiked with anyone so far.


I had pie on my mind so I took off to hike at my own pace. I didn't plan on getting all the way to town in one day but the miles flew by. On the way I passed:

  • A fire look out
  • Derelict frankenstein cars and trucks
  • Lots of no trespassing signs
  • A 3 legged dog that chased me away
  • Cows
  • One truck that drove by and offered me some water

The sun set and I was about 8 miles out of town. So I decided to hoof it the rest of the way, hoping for a warm bed at the toaster house.

Success! I arrived just before 10 to find a room full of happy hikers and a couch with my name on it.