Cruising Altitude

Day 2  - Segment 28/27

23.2Miles 4,975ft Elevation Gain

It was a beautiful morning and I pushed a couple thousand feet up to Taylor lake. 


I was sitting by a beautiful alpine lake and fresh flowing water when a British man came by and let me know this was the last reliable water for the next 22 miles.  



I cameled up. Drank a liter and hauled out the rest. The dry section was a beautiful ridge walk. 


So far I had only experienced sun showers. The people on their way into Durango looked as if they hadn't faired as well. This is monsoon season and afternoon showers shouldn't surprise anyone. However, they told stories of being rained on for days. Needless to say they were excited to almost be done. 


My shoulders were sore— not used to hauling around a pack. The views distracted me from the heavy load. My legs were feeling strong and I pushed myself til I found a perfect sunset spot to set up my tent. 


MFW: Sunset