Grey's Okay

Day 3 - Segment 27/26/25

21.5 Miles 3,421ft Elevation Gain

It was overcast all day. I was cruising up in the clouds. I welcomed the cool weather.  


Most of the day was above tree line and I was thankful that I wasn't being spanked by the high elevation sun.  


I had one small pass. Then most of the day was 'downhill'... in my head this whole trail is downhill to Denver.  


It would be. If there weren't so many mountains in the way.  


No complaints.  


Each little river carries the minerals of the area. The locals say they can tell where it rained by what color the Animas River turns. This little river looked like a bleached white line in a sea of green. 


I set up camp by a raging waterfall. At 9,000 some-odd feet it was as low as the trail was going to get that day. They say "climb high, sleep low." I think this is pretty sage advice while your body acclimatizes. 



My tent sat on top of a rock. The river thundered below.  



I slept well knowing that I had a hearty climb in the morning (between the peaks in the picture above.) I also knew that if I hiked fast enough I could be on Silverton with a cold brew in my hand by days end.