Up and Out


Day 1 - Segment 28

15.1 Miles 3,814ft Elevation Gain 

After finding a good breakfast joint to have my 'last meal' — a potato breakfast burrito, it was time to hit the trail. A few cups of joe and one last stroll up and down historic Durango later we drove up to the trailhead. 


Jen, or double 'N' Jenn, as I like to say, dropped me off. She also snapped this before shot. Thanks Jen! Starting off a trail clean cut is a tradition, however, I kept the mustache this time. It says, I'm half city, half wild. 


I'm going to have to remember this number. What's the point of walking 480 miles if you don't earn a certificate?  


The Colorado trail runs from Denver to Durango. Most people go southbound and finish in Durango. I'm going northbound. Against the grain. I congratulated many Southbounders on my way up and out of Durango. 


I think most people avoid going north because the 4,000+ ft climb out of Durango is unforgiving for the unprepared:  


The climb didn't hurt too bad. I think those hikes up Mt. Lemmon prepared my legs. 


I walked from the high desert up to the high alpine. The landscapes features changed every thousand feet. The diversity was welcome. I'll be cruising at 10,000 feet for the majority of this trek.