Silverton Stop

Day 4 - Segment 25

15.1 Miles 2,229ft Elevation Gain  


I ate Miles for breakfast. I climbed up and out gaining a couple thousand feet first thing in the morning. The rest of the day was pretty much downhill. I cruised quickly to get to Silverton for a cold one.


On the way down to Molas pass I ran—rather runners ran past me. One of them was a sponsored athlete, total trail running celebrity! Beasts



I got to the road and I didn't have to wait or stick out my thumb. The first car to pull out of the scenic overlook rolled down their window and asked if I needed a ride to Silverton. Sydney had just finished a summer developing trail for the CDT, and was on her way to Gunnison to find some guide work. She dropped me off on the edge of town.



I walked into town and first thing I did was go to the brewery. I ordered a cold one and a giant salad. Green things!


I picked up my resupply package from a local outfitter then hung out in the coffee shop. There I saw Stacey, a fellow Tucson trail Runner. Small world! He was in town getting acclimated to the elevation in preparation for a marathon race up here this coming weekend. We both mooched Wi-Fi and took care of Internet.


Before heading out I needed one last real food meal and one last cold one. I chose this fine establishment. The bartender was a young buck who attempted the CDT, got brutalized, then ended up there after a series of fortunate events.


At the bar, I also met a couple from Wales who are also hiking the Colorado Trail northbound. We talked about politics, mountain bike, the Pyrenees mountains, and Scandinavian hikes.


I made it out just before dusk and a very kind architect from Durango drove me back up to the pass on his way home from Telluride.


I hiked in a mile found this ace camp spot and enjoyed the show.


Very full day. I slept without my rain fly and drifted off under the star filled sky