All Downhill

Day 7 - Segment 22

6 Miles 675ft Elevation Gain  

Short walk to get to the hwy into Lake City. Got a hitch right away. Guy in truck was on his way to go check on some prospecting claims. Says he wants to make his living in the mountains, said that would be a dream come true.


Got to the Ravens Rest Hostel and met Lucky. His story in summary: came to the States to hike the Appalachian Trail, became a hiking addict, fell in love on a hike, got married, had three kids, opened a hostel in Lake City for hikers and climbers.

After seven days it was time to do my laundry, take a shower, and sleep indoors. I also had to fix my phone. After a series of unfortunate events, my phone got wet. The volume rocker was stuck on a volume up position, so everything I did on my phone had the volume up and down notification smack dab in the middle of the screen. Luckily, I found some rice in the hostel kitchen and I threw my phone in there. Then I took off, phone free, hoping that that would fix the problem while I did my chores.


Being phone free in town was great. I took a shower then borrowed a bike and rode down to the laundromat at the end of town. I think it's important to mention that I was wearing clothes that I borrowed from the hiker box: a triple XL polo shirt and basketball shorts.

I talked to an old lady from Texas when I was waiting on my laundry. She asked if I had a safety pin so that she could pin all of her socks together before throwing them in the wash.

I biked around town, bought a Coca-Cola from a local grocery. Taxidermy and DVDs to rent behind the counter. Lots of frozen food and a six dollar bag of wilting lettuce. I guess Lake City is pretty remote — you gotta love books and movies to live there through the winter.

I filled my day with conversation and food. At night I went out with Lucky and another hostel guest. We went to the Packer, yes it's a Packer bar. It had an amazing backyard patio. Little wire tables and chairs with umbrellas around a fire pit complete with bar. Surrounding the pit were local musicians jamming out with their dreadlocks and steel drums. Lucky explained that the town is 40% hippies and 60% old people from Texas. He added that the votes in local elections surprisingly favored weed. Maybe that's how they all get along.