Soggy Socks

Day 10 - Segment 17/16

26.6mi 4,848ft Elevation Gain


I started the morning with a damp soggy climb. I remember being in this area with Banjo last year jumping over fell trees in our snow shoes— constantly falling through the snow, sometimes up to our waists. This time its much more pleasant.


A woman I passed was complaining about the trail being terribly rocky because motorized dirt bikes tore it up. I said hey, at least there's a trail! She was being a negative Nancy. You gotta be grateful for these trails!


I crossed over what the guide book called a river which in reality was little more then a dribble of water. With the use of a leaf I was able to fill my bottles. I took a break in the shade and a hiker passed by. I said hi. That scared the shit out of her. Apparently a he had just seen a pack of wolves. Her father had put the fear into her about wild animals and their danger. Her name was sock monster, because a tattoo on her ankle looks like a gremlin peeking out of her socks


Towards the end of the day I ran into my first northbound hiker. He had a long story to share. He had a great attitude and was in good spirits.

I continued late into the evening. While enjoying the changing colors of the sky I heard thunder. Moments later it was pouring. I set up camp during the rainstorm and had a semi soggy night of sleep.


Dark Forest  


Light Forest