Fueling Fourteeners

Day 8 - Segment 21/20

26.3mi 6,923ft Elevation Gain  


A Hostel guest hooked me up with a pre dawn ride up to the trailhead. 



Climbing out of the pass I had an epiphany. Hiking is just like an ultra marathon, but twice as slow and 20 times longer.



You get to eat whatever, pee whenever, and sleep wherever.



You can go as slow as you want and you're always winning.



I realize I don't talk much about eating. Aside from walking that's kind of the other half of my day. I don't think of it much as feasting, more like fueling. 



In the first few miles I eat a bar, or more likely, a cookie and some granola. I stop at the first water source where I make a greens shake for breakfast and chug it. From that point on I'm just walking and snacking, eating approximately 200 cal every hour. Nuts, trail mix, salty snacks, and an occcasional clif bar.



 I save the sweet stuff for the afternoon. Sour patch kids or Scandinavian swimmers really ads a pep in my step.


At night I boil up some water and make delicious ramen noodles. Man I love ramen.  


When I trip, the cook kit in my backpack rattles and sounds like tin cans clinking. It makes me think that I'm one of those old-style hobos with a simple rucksack and some empty cans tied to the back. 



I hiked all morning and all afternoon. In the evening I got to the base of San Luis Peak, the first 14-er that I've passed nearby. It was only 1,500 feet up and one and a half miles. So, I crushed it.



I remember this area from when I was here last year on the CDT. This time I'm not on snowshoes.