Twin Lakes

Day 16 - Segment 11/10

16.6mi 4,004ft Elevation Gain


I woke up at the Twin Lakes Inn. There was a complimentary breakfast. I sat there for a long time sipping coffee and staring out the window and watching the peaks outside light up.

I drank coffee and stared at my phone for hours updating this here journal. The internet was excruciatingly slow. I have to upload each image individually—every progress bar was glacial.


Check-out was at 10. I packed up my freshly hotel sink washed clothes and headed across the street to the general store for some more quality loiter time.


The Internet was even slower there. I wanted to stay and get up-to-date but two bars wasnt going to cut it.



As I headed down the street on my way to the trailhead I glanced down at my phone. Five bars! There was a closed food cart parked on the side of the street. I saw on their menu they had a veggie burger. I asked a nearby storekeeper when they opened. "Within the half hour." Perfect, I waited and wrote. When they opened I ordered a burger and ribbon fries. I feasted and got this here journal up-to-date.



It was 1:30 by the time I left Twin Lakes. I was in a great mood, but not really in the mood for hiking. So I moseyed slowly stopping often to talk to interesting looking hikers. I'm met some really neat ones and some weird ones. Eventually I realized that time is flying and I had to get some miles down. So I cruised. No big vistas, just lots of different and diverse forests.



I hiked late into the evening. I found a suitable camping spot. Setting up camp is systematic and quick for me. I go on Auto Pilot. I have a certain order, method, and speed in doing things. I go from stopped to changed into my PJs eating and hot Ramen in my sleeping bag in about 15 minutes. Multitasking is involved.