Stax O' Snax

This isn't my first trip to the rodeo. I'm getting pretty good at preparing food resupply boxes . 


Its hard to live off just Clif Bars. Variety is the name of the game. Salty snacks to compliment the overly sweet bars: Pretzels, pita chips, crackers, nuts, granola, asian and southwest trail mix.  


No gelatin. I crave the high fructose corn syrup when I'm hiking. HFCS!


Labeled and ready to ship. I got all the beta I needed from the Colorado trail data book.  


Keeping with tradition, I gave my mug a trim. I have a chin! I kept the mustache this time —channeling my inner Teddy Roosevelt / Park Ranger. 


I'm ready. Durango to Denver. Only 490ish miles... "just a day hike."