Day 18 - Segment 8

17.5mi 3,565ft Elevation Gain


Woke up and climbed up over Kokome Pass. There was a trail note "Kokome and get it." Heh.

At the top there were a group of 8 or so marmots having a party.


I knew my parents were close by in Breckenridge. I called them atop the ridge before decending to see if I could arrange a ride. They took a day trip up to Vail and would be able to pick me up on their way back. I cruised down to Copper Mountain Resort with a warm cabin and a cold beer on my mind.


My parents were in Colorado to attend Lauren's wedding, the daughter of our very close family friends, the Walkers.  After the wedding, the Walkers rented a cabin up in Breckenridge to entertain a large group of friends.  Judging by the stories and photos, there were quite a few special nights.


My pops relaxing and recovering from all the good food and booze.  The afternoon was quiet. We sat in the grand living room overlooking peak six and seven of the ten mile range and caught up.


My Uncle Awful, father of the bride, also reclining and recovering. There was to be more food and booze later that evening. After two weeks in the woods almost everything is luxury — this was beyond.