Last Day

Day 24 Segment 2/1 

24.2mi 2,546ft Elevation Gain


Early in the morning I crossed a dirt road just as a huge truck was passing by. The owner stopped and was excited to see a hiker. We talked for a long time. He joked "can you tell I don't see people much?" 


He told me that where I camped last night has the highest density of mountain lions in Colorado. He then pulled out his phone and showed me some that he had shot. He's described himself as "an old retired man that hunts all year round." 


He showed me a picture of his house. A beautiful log cabin with huge windows overlooking this landscape. I wondered how many taxidermy animals hung from his walls.


Overcast and smokey. I embraced the mood of the day and trudged on. I enjoyed the sun not beating down on me.  The sky complimented the landscape.  


WHOOOO — almost there. 


 What did the fish say when he hit a concrete wall?



 What did the fish say when he fell down a waterfall?  

"Dam it!"  


No fireworks kids. 


Lady goats were lapping up river water — they didn't mind me walking by. 


FINISHED. I asked some stranger to snap this picture. I was secretly hoping I could Yogi a ride up to Denver from them. No luck. I talked to other people in the parking lot too. No Luck.  


Luckily a hiker friend from the PCT, Bigfoot, had just gotten off work and was willing to drive the 45 minutes from downtown. He picked me up and put me up at his house. We got to his place and I jumped in the shower quick. He lent me a change of clothes and we went out for pizza and beer.  

A great thirst is a great joy when quenched in time.