Up an Over

Day 20 Segment 7 

16.2mi 3,808ft Elevation Gain

After a couple nights of sleeping indoors it was time to head back. My parents drove me up to Copper in the Platabus and dropped me off at the trailhead. 


I suppose I could've skipped this section — all the north bounders said Segment 7 was a beast.... but, that wouldn't have sat well with me. So with my light backpack and well rested legs I climbed up the backside of the Ten Mile range, getting higher and higher above the resort city sprawled out at the base. 


I crested somewhere between Peak 6 & 7. Breckenridge below. 


I like lichen a lot. This toxic green specimen was photo worthy.  


As is tradition, I packed out a beer.  Since I was about to stop back into Breckenridge to pick up my resupply package (and some more beer) I sipped on this delicious Gose as I hiked down the mountain. 


On the descent I passed a huge burn section. This fire was probably a good thing for this forests health. You can tell it was in pretty bad shape before the fire. Lots of lodgepole pines growing on top of each other. 


Summit County is a tinderbox. 


Firemen came by on later parts of the trail and did some serious fire prevention / forest maintenance. This long tree sat alone in a field of slash piles. 


Once I got down to Breck I treated myself to a giant bowl of Pho. 


I got pretty Pho'ked up and felt like this dog afterwards. 


Packed out a 6 pack as I couldn't find any tasty singles. With a full food resupply and 6 cold ones, my pack was pretty heavy.  I decided to lighten my load by drinking a few.   I was all smiles 'til sunset. I found a scenic meadow and set up camp.