Hello World

The obligatory first post of any new web log.I’m pretty excited to be using this platform to share my adventures. Though, I’m already conflicted as to who my audience is. Who am I writing to? What should I say? 

I suppose the idea to make this site came from the fact that I always forget what I do. I came home from my last adventure with a hard drive full of photos and many memories. Now all thats left from that excursion is a few hacked together Facebook photo galleries. Those just don’t do the trip justice. I can do better this time around. 

Additionally, In planning this most recent adventure the journals of fellow travelers were amazing resources. They gave me reassurance and motivation to get out and do this hike. I hope that in writing I can pass the torch to others. 


It’s not like I have an audience of adoring fans. Of course I hope my parents will follow along, checking in from time to time to see what trouble their son is getting into.  Perhaps a few friends and co-workers will read a line or two, looking for juicy trail gossip. I hope to keep this thing going the whole time I’m out. Adding photos and tales whenever I find wi-fi. 

Stay tuned.